Our Story

Many moons before becoming owners of Wag Valley, Stefan and Kelly fell in love with the western North Carolina mountains on a family vacation in Asheville with their children Anthony, Megan and Carolyn. Connecting with nature and enjoying the simplicity of taking a walk or going for a hike and basking in the beautiful mountain scenery drew them in. They relaxed and escaped their busy lives for a while. That trip planted a seed to own a destination venue in the mountains one day.

Then, the pandemic hit, and the family knew it was time to reconnect with nature and make their dream a reality. On the first visit to the property, they felt it driving down the gravel road leading to the entrance – this would be something big.  

They wanted a place to experience the beauty of the mountains, create memories, and leave a legacy for future generations. But more than that, they wanted to share the property with others to enjoy the scenic view and make lasting memories for years to come. So, being a close-knit family, together, they chose Wag Valley for their dream to take root and grow. Now, Wag Valley is proudly a family-owned and family-run mountain destination venue for people to explore the great outdoors, get married, or just relax.

Meet Our Family


Since becoming owners of Wag Valley, Stefan enjoys seeing his children harness this newfound responsibility to work together and become leaders on the farm. You can find Stefan strolling through the property, envisioning what's next and relishing the peacefulness surrounding him.


Kelly eagerly tackles dirty jobs around the farm because she likes getting her hands messy. Her favorite part of the farm is her chair. She'll sit for hours, gazing out over the farm, basking in the serenity, and listening to the chirping birds. Her greatest joy of ownership has been watching her family create something big together.


Anthony has always been adventurous. In high school, he created a mountain biking club. From there, his passion grew over the last ten-plus years. Feeling the crisp wind on his cheek and soaking in the mountainous view as he journeys through the trails is now a reality at Wag Valley.


From day one, the natural beauty of the farm stole Megan’s heart. The waterfall is her favorite spot at Wag Valley. The crashing water and peacefulness create a feeling of being in your own world. Megan loves helping someone make their dream wedding come true or planning a big event.


Carolyn loves basking in the radiant mountain sun while mowing Wag Valley's 145-acre property. Plus, she savors the smell of fresh-cut grass. But, for Carolyn, the best part of Wag Valley is taking a blank slate and creating something magical. It has the power to touch the lives of others.

We look forward to meeting you!